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Musings on the first week of the Internship October 18, 2009

Posted by shattenyagger in Archive.
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The first week of actual work, well not really really work, an Internship; same concept but with no pay.

The place itself is new to me, I know nobody there and nobody there knows me, hardly the ideal environment to start writing about or trying to analyze. There is an old piece of advice I always follow, one that was given to me [not offered mind you] by an army officer I once knew but long forgotten his name; Amir, he said, when you get to your new unit shut up and keep your ears and eyes opened, wait for two weeks and then you can speak up. It’s good advice.

Concentric, I’ve discovered, is not a new company as I first suspected; it is about 25 years old and had started off as an Engineering company providing hands-on experience. Over the years the company kept up with the technological advances and moved slowly from just on-site work to a more office/design orientated offerings. The company, as it is, developed a relationship with a software house which supplies, creates and sells CAD [Computer Aided Design] programs. Concentric acts as a front seller and maintainer of their products; Catia, Virtools, etc.

The company has a few branches in Australia [and perhaps more overseas, but I’ve yet to ask about these] and the branches work together on many projects; project management is usually done via one person and project coordination is done by direct communication when problems arise [namely phone calls] and indirect control via software such as SVN.

My work assignments for this week have been largely of the tutorial nature as I’m being expected to “learn the ropes” as quickly as possible before setting me onto the actual current project; a simulation of a Naval Patrol Boat using a high-level abstraction software called 3Dvia MP.